Porkbelly Press is an independent micro press specializing in handbound, small & open edition runs of chapbooks, micro chapbooks, zines, broadsides (letterpress & lithograph & screenprint), and Sugared Water

Says the Forest to the Girl

by Sally Rosen Kindred

Kindred offers an invitation to join the wolf & the girl in the forest, to walk in this fairy tale land of Rapunzel, Little Red, and Sleeping Beauty. Here, the forest speaks. “Drink the world / you won’t admit you want—” it says, “This / is the story; to wake // you must claim it, crow-close in the telling. Climb / in.” She empowers these women, crow-touched and sharp as a tempered blade, realizing a “story where / the hard-skinned woman / carries thunder and bread / through the wood.” This is a chapbook of poems full of dandelion, ash, and bone—she asks each woman or girl to make a choice, to realize a choice is possible: “What is it that waits / inside her, a nest / or a knife, a huntsman / or an open door?” (Porkbelly Press, 2018)

40 pages
inkjet cover
open edition

Wednesday's Child

by Lisette Alonso

In these poems, Sofia is a girl full of dreams and nightmares, her world so distilled by experience that the line between real/not real blurs. There’s a dark edge to everything, a girl growing up in Hialeah where things are bright, but everything also touches shadow. She plays dead “because death calls for stillness,” she “waits to be discovered as all dead do,” she imagines and she plays and she hides, ever aware and questioning.

16 pages
inkjet cover
open edition

Dreamland for Keeps

by Sarah Nichols

Dreamland for Keeps is a whisper in the dark giving voice to Elizabeth Short through poetry of erasure. Nichols’ poems return agency to the spirit of a woman so often sensationalized, examining Short’s many names, her impression forever etched on the American consciousness. For her, death is not the end of the story; in some ways the puzzle is never solved. (Porkbelly Press, 2018)

32 pages
handprinted cover
numbered editions of 50