sugared water

“Take a glass and crush your mint within it with a spoon. Crush it around the borders of the glass and leave no place untouched. Then throw the mint away—it is a sacrifice. Fill with cracked ice the glass and pour in the quantity of bourbon which you want. It trickles slowly through the ice. Let it have time to cool, then pour your sugared water over it.”

Chris McMillan’s recitation of Joshua Soule Smith’s The Mint Julep. (Text reportedly appeared in the Lexington Herald in the 1880s, but you can watch McMillan here.)

If we could candy words, we’d eat them to bellyaches every afternoon. We carry journals and collect chapbooks like Smaug ripping through a gold-sequin disco. If we’re lucky enough to leave something behind that enriches the dialogue of writerly types around the world, so much the better.

Send us your stuff—we’ll only hoard it for a little while. Issues 1-7 of SW are handbound, limited edition print mags, and we're moving online for issue 8!



Nicci splits her time between exploring, spinning tales (sometimes yarn, poorly), bookbinding, & printmaking. Her work appears in mags such as Lines+Stars, Booth, Room, Still: The Journal, & Arroyo Literary Review. Her chapbooks include Deep in Flesh, & collaborative chapbooks in these cups & how wild & soft you are. She lives in Cincinnati, Ohio with a pack of rescue animals, & serves on the board of arts non-profit Tiger Lily Press. She the designer & in-house cover artist at Porkbelly Press. You can find her on IG: @wickedlittleheart & at


Ashley is a graduate of Northern Kentucky University with a Bachelors degree in Creative Writing. While a fiction writer by nature and run-away imagination, she does have a soft spot for poetry. She adores works that are both surreal and playful in language, with just a hint of magic for taste. Ashley is also poetry editor for Sugared Water.


E. Kristin Anderson is a poet, Starbucks connoisseur, and glitter enthusiast living in Austin, Texas. She is the author of eight chapbooks, including Fire in the Sky, Pray, Pray, Pray: Poems I wrote to Prince in the middle of the night, We’re Doing Witchcraft, and 17 seventeen XVII. Kristin is an assistant poetry editor at The Boiler and a slush reader at Sugared Water. Once upon a time she worked nights at The New Yorker.