2019 Chapbooks!

We’re honored to partner with the following poets & authors to bring their chapbook manuscripts into the world as handbound books in 2019:


A Man Ain’t Nuthin’ by Jason McCall

Go Wolf Hunter by Khadijah Lacina

Titania in Yellow by Dayna Patterson

Brown Boy by Nishat Ahmed

We’re Doing Witchcraft by E. Kristin Anderson

She May Be a Saint by Sarah Nichols

Monkey Was Here by Jasmine An


Ever After the End Matter by Sarah Ann Winn


Girl Detectives by Emily Capettini

The above chapbooks will join the following micros in 2019:


Lucid: a Micro-Memoir by Kia Alice Groom


Venus in Bloom by Wanda Deglane

Eppur Si Muove by Stacey Balkun

Pre-orders, when available, are linked in our forthcoming titles. Release dates for all books are in the works as we discuss cover art.

Thank you to everyone who sent a manuscript this year — we enjoy your words and your craft.


Micro Chapbooks FORTHCOMING in 2019

We are delighted to say yes to three manuscripts this year, and we look forward to sharing them with you in 2019.

FLASH Creative nonfiction, poetry, & ephemera

Lucid: a Micro-Memoir by Kia Alice Groom


Venus in Bloom by Wanda Deglane


Eppur Si Muove by Stacey Balkun

We were pleasantly surprised by the volume of submissions this year—we had so many it took an extra month to read through them. Thank you so much for your patience in our replies, for all of the fine manuscripts sent for us to read, and to our readers this year for stepping in to help narrow down the possibilities.

Each year we make new connections, discover new-to-us poets and fiction writers and essayists, and are astounded by the bravery, vulnerability, experimentation, and openness offered in the queue.

In the next few months, we’ll be posting more information to listings for each of these micros, adding listing pages, and choosing samples to share with you.



This week we released Sally Rosen Kindred's Says the Forest to the Girl, a chapbook of modern fairy tale poems. I've been in love with her poetry since I purchased a copy of her Hyacinth Girl Press title Darling Hands, Darling Tongue (2013). You might also enjoy our anthology Bramble & Thorn (Porkbelly Press, 2017), which includes another of Kindred's poems which was nominated for a Rhysling Award

Kindred offers an invitation to join the wolf & the girl in the forest, to walk in this fairy tale land of Rapunzel, Little Red, and Sleeping Beauty. Here, the forest speaks. “Drink the world / you won’t admit you want—” it says, “This / is the story; to wake // you must claim it, crow-close in the telling. Climb / in.” She empowers these women, crow-touched and sharp as a tempered blade, realizing a “story where / the hard-skinned woman / carries thunder and bread / through the wood.” This is a chapbook of poems full of dandelion, ash, and bone—she asks each woman or girl to make a choice, to realize a choice is possible: “What is it that waits / inside her, a nest / or a knife, a huntsman / or an open door?” (Porkbelly Press, 2018)

Says the Forest's mixed media cover painting is "Subtle Bodywork" by Alexandra Eldridge. Each copy of the chapbook is trimmed down by hand and bound with linen thread, lightly waxed (beeswax).



You might also enjoy our anthology Bramble & Thorn (Porkbelly Press, 2017), which includes another of Kindred's poems which was nominated for a Rhysling Award

Other chapbooks to pair with this one: Blackbird Whitetail Redhand (Porkbelly Press, 2018) by Lindsay Lusby & Feeding the Dead (Porkbelly Press, 2017) by M. Brett Gaffney & Love Me Anyway (Porkbelly Press, 2018) by Minadora Macheret.

We offer book bundle specials, where you can order any 3 titles or any 5 titles at a pretty sweet discount.



Also this week, one of Sally's poems is up at Kenyon Review Online: "When You Call My Body An Odd Thing."