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Sugared Water no. 5



E. Kristin Anderson, Catherine Arra, Tammy Bendetti, Alyse Bensel, Sheila Black, Ariella Carmell, Susana H. Case, Su Cho, A.E. Clark, James Croteau, Carlina Duan, Patrick James Errington, Wren Hanks, Sonja Johanson, Eve Kenneally, Michal Leibowitz, Minadora Macheret, Laura K. McRae, Natalia Mujadzik, Tanya Muzumdar, JoDean Nicolette, Susan Rich, Thadra Sheridan, Shakeema Smalls, & Amanda Stovicek

80 pages
handprinted cover
edition of 100

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Additional Info

Sugared Water is a literary magazine produced in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

Our fifth issue is bound in a hand-pulled print cover, a combination of screenprinting & letterpress. The title and numeral 5 are both letterpress set with vintage wood type on the bed of a Vandercook Proof Press (at Tiger Lily Press in Cincinnati, Ohio) and the screened portion is a two color, hand drawn image of the far side of the moon. Design, printing & binding by printmaker Nicci Mechler. IG: @wickedlittleheart.

Bound by hand.



Shakeema Smalls' “rût" was nominated for Bettering American Poetry 2016
“When I Grieve” by Wren Hanks nominated for a Pushcart in 2016
“According to My Father Peaches Ward Off Spirits” by Su Cho nominated for a Pushcart in 2016