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Sugared Water no. 4

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Janelle Adsit, E. Kristin Anderson, Abra Bertman, Laurel Cooper, Ruth Z. Deming, Larry Eby, Kristin Fitzsimmons, Douglass Guy, Rachel Neve Midbar, M.J. Iuppa, Kathleen Jones, Jill Khoury, Mercedes Lawry, Hea-Ream Lee, Rebecca Macijeski, Michael Mark, Jude Marr, W.E. Pasquini, Nicole Rollender, Susan Shaw Sailer, Paige Sullivan, Kelly Lynn Thomas, Nicole Tong, Krista Varela, Donna Vorreyer, & Claire Wahmanholm

70 pages
handprinted cover
edition of 100

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Additional Info

Sugared Water is a literary magazine produced in Cincinnati, Ohio. 

The cover is screenprinted on 100% recycled, 105 #, 20% PCW paper in kraft brown. Each cover is made with 2 color passes & each is hand-altered with colored pencil—the edition is limited to 100, but no two are exactly alike due to the hand-coloring. Hand-coloring may vary—the pictured copies are mostly purple/yellow/blue but there are also some that are heavily yellow&raspberry. Stencil colors also vary.

Bound by hand.