Work in response to a call for the intimate & specific, letters full of evocative language, short, funny notes, or passionate remembrances, fictional or poetic, unsent or scrawled on a postcard.

60 pages
inkjet cover
limited edition, 125

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Lori Brack, "Letter to Virginia" & "Dearest Little L"
Marilyn Cavicchia, "Postcard: Dear Hilda" 
Emily Rose Cole, "Retired Freedom Fighter..." & "What to Do When He Asks You to Prove Your Love"
Kelly DuMar, "Letter Unsent" 
Ruth Foley, "Dear Gypsy Woman" & "Dear Larry Talbot" 
Karen George, "Displaced" & "What I Wanted to Tell You"
Mary Hammerbeck, "Postscript: What Came After" 
Joy KMT, "Bekezela" & "Beautiful"
Ross Losapio, "Cleave"
Sarah McCartt-Jackson, "Dearest Eli" & "Our Father"
Meredith McDonough, "To a Woman on Bed Rest"
Lisa Megraw, "Simon" & "Things I Want to Tell You, But Can't"
P. Andrew Miller, "Patroclus" & "Achilles" 
Joe Nicholas, "I Thought What I Missed Most Was the Way You'd Peel Your Oranges"
Jonathan Travelstead, "Ralphie" 

creative nonfiction

Fayroze Lutta, "Morocco Mon Amor" 
Julia Park Tracey (& Doris), "A Letter from Doris" 
Meg Tuite, "A Letter of Love and Betrayal" 


Barbara Harroun, "Neighbors and Porches, Front and Back"



Epistolary is a special edition outside of the regular submission period & subscription. We asked for the “intimate and specific, letters full of evocative language, short, funny notes, or passionate remembrances,” fictional or poetic, unsent or scrawled on a postcard, inspired by a submission to Sugared Water that we just couldn’t refuse (see: “Morocco Mon Amour”).

Some of the snippets you’ll read are true, some invented, but all are intended for some kind of audience. It’s a little bit like sneaking a look inside someone’s journal, or wandering through a garden of secrets.

The art of letter writing is one that’s fallen out of fashion, and it’s with a nod to just this sort of archaic (or nostalgic!) practice that we bind by hand and produce our magazine in limited edition. We adore the physicality of a book you can hold in your hands, hand to a stranger, or gift to a loved one. We want you to secret us away or post us across an ocean—carry us. This edition is our fond epistle to you, dear reader.



The cover art is a collage of gouache, tissue, ink, and paper by Nicci Mechler. IG: @wickedlittleheart.