Sugared Water Print Issues

Handbound, limited edition back issues of Sugared Water.
Issues 001 - 007 are 1/2 size, 56 to 80 pages.



Our first print issue features poetry, fiction, & creative nonfiction. It's a run of 240 copies, hand-numbered, with a screenprinted cover (two color) & metallic gold stencil. SW001 is 56 pages. » more



Sugared Water's second issue features a screenprinted cover. We used red, metallic gold, or cyan acrylic stencil on these, with rainbow rolls in the feather/leaf. Colors vary from yellow to orange to red. » more



SW003 is a run of 100 numbered copies, each screenprinted with 2 colors, a collaboration between artists Nicci Mechler & Jonathan Rountree. 10 or fewer remain in stock. » more



Each of these covers is made with 2 color passes (screenprint) & is then hand-altered with colored pencil—the edition is limited to 100, but no two are exactly alike due to the hand-coloring. » more



Featuring a combination of letterpress title & screenprinted (dark side of the) moon, SW005 is our 80 page beast of an issue featuring poetry & essays. Each cover varies slightly, our numeral 5s are monoprinted with several passes of hand-rolled ink. The wood type used is vintage (thanks to Tiger Lily Press' collection), and each copy is bound by hand and numbered. Blue end papers. » more