Good Stuff – December (week one)

Good news & happenings from/with our authors&poets:

Set the Garden on Fire (Porkbelly Press, 2015)
by Chen Chen // @chenchenwrites

What’s pink & shiny / what’s dark & hard (Porkbelly Press, 2015)
by Sarah B. Boyle // @pyrrhicspondee

“Boyle’s poetry chapbook, What’s pink & shiny / what’s dark and hard (Porkbelly Press, 2015), provides a brutal honesty about abortion that our culture has been yearning for, and actually dying for the lack of. Here is empathy with teeth; the kind that will reopen the wound, lick it clean, and give you another chance to heal yourself better.” | more

My Heart in Aspic (Porkbelly Press, 2015)
by Sonya Vatomsky // @coolniceghost

  • Sonya’s full-length, Salt is for Curing (Sator Press, 2015), which includes poems from My Heart in Aspic, is reviewed via Alien Mouth by Christopher Morgan.

“’Salt is For Curing’ offers the ultimate reward in exchange for your darkest red. Making a thick paste from a phoenix’s bones to reexamine resurrection myths, these poems count all 32 teeth, then eat your words with bread. Sonya Vatomsky reflects upon salt and suffering, creating a literary love potion that’s equal parts wishing well and butcher’s hook.” | more

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