Bacon (Good News from Porkbelly’s Poets&Authors)

My Heart in Aspic (Porkbelly Press, 2015)
by Sonya Vatomsky // @coolniceghost

“Vatomsky’s poetry explores this double edge of femininity in raw and exposing poems that surface in dreams as though they’re the remnants of a toothsome meal. Poems can be a shared breath, and Vatomsky allows us to breathe that breath that at once is an inhale/exhale or a birth and death.” | full review at HGP


What’s pink & shiny / what’s dark & hard (Porkbelly Press, 2015)
by Sarah B. Boyle // @pyrrhicspondee

Pray Pray Pray: Poems I wrote to Prince in the middle of the night  (forthcoming)
by E. Kristin Anderson // @ek_anderson

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