2016 Micro Chapbook Line

After a 6 week reading period in which we did our best to answer every submission in 3-7 days, we’re pleased to announce that the following micro chapbooks have been accepted and will appear in 2016:

Dry Spell (Patrick Kindig)

bindweed & crow poison: small poems of stray girls, fierce women (Robin Turner)

Ghost Tongue (Nicole Rollender)

Poems for Ivan (Sara Adams)

Haunting the Last House on Holland Island, Fallen into the Bay (Sarah Ann Winn)

Everything I Own (Angela Just)

Lost Birds of the Iron Range (Amber Edmondson)

Thank you for your patience & your beautiful, fierce words. We look forward to crafting them into tiny books! The release order has yet to be determined, but we should iron it out by mid-September or October. We aim to release most of these titles in the first half of the year.

Also of note is the micro submitted by James White—we requested an extended version, which we then accepted as our February 2016 chapbook release:

hiku [pull] (James White)

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