Midnight Blue, Vanessa Jimenez Gabb

Midnight Blue is a series of poems that exist in a place that feels very much in transit, as if the speaker in each poem is moving, always reaching for something under a shade of blue. Sometimes it’s the wash of a tropical sky, sometimes the black-blue of the night from an airplane window. Always the girl (or the I) is in the landscape, sometimes eating pancakes, sometimes washed with rain, leaving behind little sips of blood in the bellies of mosquitos in Belize. There’s always a little sense of the body, a hint of satiation followed almost immediately by hunger, maybe with the lingering sense of jet lag, and it leaves you with the urge to just go somewhere, taste something exotic&sweet, look at the sky and come home again. | open edition | $6

An excerpt from “reasons we should buy this belize livingsocial escape:”

to be wet and spa colored

not spa colored
in the bougey sence
by this i mean the rains
will turn us to mud
and we will sinkhole
in cayo with everywhere flora
molten intruding

we ate conch
every time we were hungry
we ate until we dreamt
the meat and kept
and turned conch
shell and spire
our selves hot
as ceviche

Open Edition Inkjet Cover

The cover image (“after midnight” by Nicci Mechler) is printed on Epson premium matte professional paper. The micro chapbook is handbound & each is trimmed by hand. As they are handmade, no two are exactly alike.

About the Poet

Vanessa is the author of Weekend Poems (dancing girl press, 2014) and the co-founder of Five Quarterly.

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