December (1830) is the month in which both Emily Dickinson and Susan Huntington Gilbert Dickinson were born. For that reason, we’ve decided to read for the anthology (mostly) in December. Dec 5, 2014 – Jan 5, 2015.

Emily is a collection of poetry&prose inspired by the works, life, and letters of Emily Dickinson. The anthology is to be split into several sections, each loosely clustered around one of the major themes&image in her works. We’re looking for all kinds of work for this anthology, be it poetry, prose, creative nonfiction, artwork, doodles, notes, short critical essays, illustrated narratives, comics, or illustrations. Full guidelines can be found on our Anthologies page.

  • 3 to 5 poems (no more than 10 pages)
  • 3 micro & flash fictions (no more than 1,500 words total)
  • personal essay & excerpts no longer than 2,000 words
  • short essays (no more than 2,000 words)
  • up to 5 artworks, illustrations, comic pages, scans of notes/sketches, photos (JPGs)

We request FNASR & the right to archive your work on our SW or PP website (Archival Rights).

Payment is made in one limited edition copy of the resulting anthology.
If you have a website, and would like it linked, we’ll do so from the contributor section of our site, along with a bio.

(listed at Duotrope)

2 thoughts on “Emily

  1. Hi Nicci,

    This sounds interesting! I have a little Dickinson monotype that I’d love to submit, but first I have a question…

    What is FNASR? Is this another term for rights to archive on a website, or something else? What am I agreeing to if I agree to this?

    Thanks! Kathleen

    • First North American Serial Rights (right to print first, rights revert to author on pub).
      We also consider reprints, though, so feel free to submit even if it’s appeared elsewhere—just note that, please. 😀

      For accepted artworks, the rights revert back to the artist after printing. We just ask that if it’s reprinted, Sugared Water be noted as the place it first appeared (unless it appeared somewhere else first, in which case we’d note where it first appeared). The only right we maintain is the right to post it/archive on our website (with a link to the artist).

      If, at any point, we’d like to use it for anything in the future, we email and ask your permission, and enter into a new agreement.


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