That Reckless Sound by Colleen S. Harris-Keith

That Reckless Sound investigates the complications of identity and relationship, the destructive next to the beautiful, the fragile touching the reckless, all bound up into one fluid experience. These poems peer through the eyes of historical & mythic (female) figures from Pandora to Magdalene, Bathsheba to Joséphine. | more at Wicked Little Heart’s shop

Below is an excerpt from the first poem, “The Way Youth Yields:”

There is nothing so faithless as
a girl left on her own among other
green and growing things. Brimming

with life, carelessly killing the field’s
flowering army so she can wear
ribbons of bluebells in her hair,

she has no need of forgiveness

Micro Chapbook Series

Colleen had our attention from the very first poem, and she kept it. We couldn’t say no to this or her other micro chapbook, Some Assembly Required, and so we accepted both for our inaugural micro chapbook series.

Open Edition Inkjet Cover

The cover is a photograph (Nicci’s) printed on Epson premium matte professional paper. The micro chapbooks is handbound & each is trimmed by hand. As they are handmade, no two are exactly alike. | open edition cover | $6

About the Poet

Colleen S. Harris-Keith works as a member of the library faculty at CSU Channel Islands. She holds various degrees, including BAs in Economics and International Relations, an MFA in Writing, an MS in Library Science, and will soon have her EdD in Learning & Leadership. She is the author of three books of poetry in addition to this chapbook, and is a three-time Pushcart Prize nominee for her poetry and short fiction. When she’s not doing homework, you can find her daydreaming, writing, or doting on her husband Jed and basset hounds Otto and Igor.

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