Forthcoming – l’appel du vide – Christina Cooke

Porkbelly Press is happy to announce the acceptance of Christina Cooke’s chapbook of poetry entitled l’appel du vide. | pre-order

Christina pulls from a well of gender, identity, and sexuality, peppers it with a hint of Jamaican rhythm and language, and presents it to us in this chapbook. She coaxes words together in love-lust, examines the gaze, and brings us into the place of a woman-body walking over hot asphalt, the rain on her skin, and the taste of mango jam on her tongue. She does not shy away from the internal voice, self-doubt, or the anxious churning of a wanton body.

Perhaps our favorite thing about the chapbook is the irreverence with which it ends (but we won’t spoil that for you). It’s the attitude that first drew us in, and we are not disappointed at any page-turn.

Excerpt from l’appel du vide:

her, me

her hair
falls against my chest
cowlicks curling up

reaching along her cheek, her neck
catching loose strands
as she cupsflattenscradles
palming my breasts.

fingers to warm skin
with both hands i hold her
just hold
swells of skin curving
not pale, flat

she exhales
makes space between her knees.

Christina Cooke currently lives and writes on the occupied and unceded territories of the Coast Salish peoples (Vancouver, Canada). Her prose appeared in Decolonization: Indigeneity, Education and Society (CA) and Sou’wester (US); her creative non-fiction appeared in HYSTERIA: A Collection of Feminisms (UK); her poetry is forthcoming from Matrix Magazine (CA). She is also an editorial collective member of the feminist literary journal Room Magazine (CA). To learn more about her writerly endeavours, follow her on Twitter, @cjctlc, or her blog, Of That Close Kerning, So Splendiferous, Repletes.

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